New to Homeschooling - Michele Smith & Dylan Smith

Michele Smith & Dylan Smith
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Dylan Smith 
The Quarantine Cookbook is Dylan Smith’s (age 12) first cookbook and started cooking at age 5. Dylan is currently in the 7th grade, and enjoys boy scouts, traveling, fishing … and of course, cooking! He co-wrote this book to teach other kids to have fun in the kitchen and eat well at the same time. 

Michele Smith 
Michele is a publisher and award-winning marketing professional with years of marketing experience in diverse markets. As an author and seasoned publicist, she has appeared on Rachael Ray, ABC National News, Success Magazine, and many national radio programs. With contacts at every national broadcast and print media outlet, Michele’s clients have enjoyed media coverage in regional and national markets. As a professional writer has edited, ghostwritten, and published multiple books. When she is not working, her passion for cooking and creating in the kitchen is a favorite pastime. She co-wrote this book to help other families who are in isolation at home during this crisis to learn to have fun in the kitchen with their families while helping teach an important life skill as well. Her goal is for readers is to have as much fun as she has had over the years teaching Dylan how to cook. 

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