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Ray Ronan
Write A Book With Your Kids
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Ray Ronan has had several careers – an airline pilot, a professional athlete, and an author before embarking on a journey to write a book with his kids. He did it to help them get through their family breakup, and it not only gave his children a voice during a difficult time, it was a therapeutic and empowering journey which continues to take them towards life skills they will benefit from, forever.  It wasn’t easy – taking a long time (over a year) and costing way too much in time and money. This inspired him to create a simple step by step process that any child can follow so they can become publishing geniuses for little or no investment. His two boys have now written 4 books, one of them an award-winner, shaping his boys into young entrepreneurs as a result. They love selling their books online and at markets, dealing with remote illustrators and cover designers, their team – important future skills. Ray has spent the last year distilling this process into a very simple step-by-step guide with a video course that any parent can follow, and have a book written with their kids, within weeks – no creativity required!

The course is available at How To Write a Book with Your and you can get a special place limited discount using the promo code:  OURSTORY

Ray is also the CEO of WRITERS GAME, a company passionate about breaking down boundaries between film, games, books, comics, and VR/AR and empowering writers to have the skills to cross all these mediums. A Google Digital Coaches webinar speaker, he is also co-founder of which assists celebrities, influencers, and business people write their books.  Don’t delay, they’re only children for a short time and the time is now to empower them.

Join the parents helping their kids become kidpreneurs, today!

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