Children and Electronics - Advice for Parents on Regulating Screen Time

Here you will find advice on regulating screen time for children. We have tips from a variety of experts on the subject

If you have expertise or experience with screen time regulation, effects, or other advice and would like to get involved with this initiative please contact us and put cae in the subject line.

Please share these videos. It could help another parent out.

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Contributor: Maggie Hari

Contributor: Margo Lee Burton

Contributor title: Registered Social Worker/Psychotherapist and Certified Teacher

Company: The Center for Healthy Internet Use

Contributor: Robyn Flint

Contributor: Dr. Raun Melmed

Contributor title: Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

Company: Melmed Center

Contributor: Chelsea Brown

Company: Digital Mom Talk

Contributor: Rachel Tomlinson

Contributor title: Registered Psychologist

Company: Toward Well Being

Contributor: Dr. Kristie Pretti-Frontczak

Contributor title: Accomplished Author, Sought-after Consultant, and Educator’s Educator

Contributor: Dr. Rachelle Zemlok

Contributor title: Child Psychologist

Company: First Responder Family Psychology

Contributor: Michal Finegold

Company: Shmonster

Contributor: MartinJon Garcia

Contributor: Jessica Mead

Company: Brandlync

Contributor: Len Saunders

Contributor: Leah Remillet

Company: The CEO Kid

Contributor: Rebecca Beach

Company: Mom Beach