IEP Answers

Here you will find a variety of tips and viewpoints about IEP's (Individualized education plans). Our goal is to help parents decide if an IEP is right for their child and if it is then how to help them work with the school to design an IEP that is a scaffolding to better learning for their child rather than a crutch.

If you have expertise or experience with IEP's and would like to get involved with this initiative please contact us and put IEP Answers in the subject line.

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Contributor: Emily Morrison

Contributor: Schimri Yoyo

Contributor: Nicole Black

Company: Coffee and Carpool

Contributor: Leanne Page

Company: Parenting with ABA

Contributor: Dana Stahl, M.Ed.

Company: Educational Alternatives LLC

Contributor: Michelle Person

Contributor title: Educator

Company: Just Like Me Books

Contributor: Dr. Ingrid Amorini-Klimek

Company: Our Special Village

Contributor: Tara Emrick

Company: Hip Me Project

Contributor: Dr. Carole Lieberman


Contributor: Dr. Nathan Goodly

Company: Compass Charter Schools

Contributor: Susan E. Williams

Company: The Law Office of Susan E. Williams

Contributor: Kimberly Berens, Ph.D.

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Contributor: Dr. Melissa N. Green

Contributor title: Licensed Psychologist

Company: Resilience and Psychological Fitness Center, LLC

Contributor: Winifred Winston

Contributor title: Founder & CEO of Dyslexia Advocation

Company: Dyslexia Advocation

Contributor: Nashima Harvey, Ed.M

Company: THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC

Contributor: Joseph Hoelscher

Contributor: Monica Mandell, LMSW

Contributor: Nicole Thompson, Ed.S

Contributor title: Certified School Psychologist

Contributor: Ilene B. Miller, M.S Ed.

Contributor: Dr. Kisha Walker

Contributor: Charissa West

Company: The Wild, Wild West Parenting Blog

Contributor: Chris Reichert

Company: Udefi Life