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I was the real starving college student who lifted food from the college cafeteria so I could eat on the weekends. I didn’t want my kids to struggle like that. But just before our kids began high school, we went bankrupt with nothing left to our name. I had no idea how we would pay for college.

Then after thousands of hours of research, I discovered a step-by-step strategy that both my kids used. The result? They attended college on 6 & 8 scholarships totaling over $180,000 for 4 years debt-free with cash left over.

I’m Denise Thomas. I’m an international best selling author and TedX speaker, and 20-year homeschool parent.

Parents hire me to put their kids through college debt-free because most didn’t save for college, are starting too late, and have no idea what college boards are looking for. So, I help them discover resources they never knew about and have colleges begging their kids to go to their school. Bottom line, you don’t have to risk your retirement for your college fund.

Students who graduate debt-free live their lives differently. They have time for a vacation. They have time for their families. They have time and money for the important things in life.

I’d love to share with you how your kids CAN go to college debt-free, to live the life they’re destined to live.

“College doesn’t have to be a debt sentence!” ~Denise Thomas

Free Resources from Denise:
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Are you wasting the middle school years?

Most parents consider Middle School or Junior High as a ‘pass-through’ between grade school and high school. Certainly, 6th through 8th graders have a little maturing to do before entering high school. But is that all there is? Should we allow them to continue, as usual, doing the typical after school activities and playing with friends? Not necessarily. Find out what you could be missing that can have a massive impact on your child’s college and scholarship prospects.

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