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Katie Ziskind
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Wisdom Within Counseling
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Katie Ziskind is a licensed marriage and family therapist and a private and group yoga teacher in Southeastern Connecticut. She owns a holistic therapy group, Wisdom Within Counseling, and has created a team to help families feel closer, gain connection and become better together. Katie teaches high energy children with ADHD social skills and helps teens with eating disorders, self-harm, and anxiety using mind-body yoga and creative art in counseling. She helps children, teenagers, and young adults develop better self-worth, self-compassion, and self-esteem skills. Non-binary, bisexual, gay, lesbian, gender-questioning, transgender, and LGBTQIA+ children, adolescents, and teens welcome. Katie also helps couples improve communication and develop empathy skills to express emotions and create a positive, trusting bond. Offering distance video and phone counseling sessions, Katie helps stressed adults make clear-minded, healthy decisions. From any location, Katie helps people improve intimate relationships, gain better communication, and reach for positive coping skills, all from a phone or computer video call. As a complex PTSD specialist in Connecticut, Katie Ziskind combines unique and different therapies with traditional counseling models. These include outdoor play therapy, painting, creative art, walk-and-talk outdoors by the shoreline and beach, music, and private yoga therapy. In her free time, Katie enjoys doing yoga and spending time with her boyfriend and her three cats, Jasper, Sarah, and Mini. Katie offers distance coaching and counseling. Read more at To work with Katie or her creative team, call or text 860-451-9364.

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