No More Homework Battles

Here you will find advice on getting past homework avoidance. We have tips from a variety of experts on the subject

If you have expertise or experience with getting kids to enjoy homework and would like to get involved with this initiative please contact us and put IEP Answers in the subject line.

Please share these videos. It could help another parent out.

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Contributor: Arvin Vohra

Company: Vohra Method

Contributor: Sherry Kelly, PhD

Contributor title: Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Clinical Neuropsychologist

Contributor: Emily Wilson

Contributor title: Huntington Learning Center East Boise

Contributor: Dr. Stacy Ness

Contributor: Erica Curtis

Contributor: Kelsey Komorowski

Contributor: Nicole Black

Contributor: Patty Ostberg Speiker, M.A.

Contributor title: Family Psychotherapist

Company: Foundations Counseling Services

Contributor: Rachelle Zemlok, PsyD

Contributor title: Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Company: First Responder Family Psychology

Contributor: Alex Dyer

Company: Tutor House

Contributor: Emily Denbow Morrison, M.Ed.

Contributor: Patrick M. DeVuono MA Ed.

Contributor title: Author & Educator

Company: Teacher from Planet Reality

Contributor: Jennifer Holt

Contributor title: Teacher

Company: Happy Teacher Mama

Contributor: Gil Gibori

Contributor title: Entrepreneur

Company: The House A Tutoring Lounge

Contributor: Julie Morgenstern

Contributor title: New York Times Bestselling Author

Contributor: Tania DaSilva

Contributor title: Child, Youth and Family Therapist

Company: Behaviour Matters

Contributor: Kanesha Baynard

Contributor title: Author, Creativity Expert and Productivity Specialist

Company: Bold Living Today - Library of Printables