Educating at Home

Parents around the globe have been thrust into homeschooling. Although it was a shock there's a silver lining. Parents can be the best educators for their own children. This video series helps you be the best parent educator possible.

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Contributor title: Wanda Kay Knight

Contributor: Dr. Greg Mattingly

Company: More to ADHD

Contributor: Kathryn Haydon

Contributor title: Award-Winning Author and Educator

Company: Sparkitivity

Contributor: Dr. Kisha Walker

Company: Walden University

Contributor: Jessica Stasi

Company: Snapology

Contributor: Vivek Goyal

Contributor title: CEO and Co-Founder

Company: PlayShifu

Contributor: Michele Smith & Dylan Smith

Contributor: Janet Ferone, M.Ed.

Company: Ferone Consult

Contributor: Charlie Harding, CEO

Company: Let’s Roam

Contributor: Alex Shute

Company: Upward Exits

Contributor: Jen Lumanlan

Company: Your Parenting Mojo

Contributor: Michael Kawula

Company: Help A Teen , home of the Go!

Contributor: Daniel Koffler

Company: New Frontiers

Contributor: Melissa Corkum

Contributor title: Certified Professional Life Coach

Company: The Cork Board

Contributor: Denise Thomas

Company: Get Ahead Of The Class

Contributor: Drs. Kevin and Marlene Corsini

Company: San Diego Christian College

Contributor: Amy KD Tobik

Company: Exceptional Needs Today, Autism Parenting Magazine

Contributor: Alanna Gallo

Contributor title: Teacher

Contributor: Elizabeth Nunes

Contributor title: Work-at-Home Mom

Company: Tired Mom Supermom

Contributor: Seth Fleischauer

Contributor title: Former Public Elementary School Teacher

Company: Banyan Global Learning

Contributor: Missi Rossi

Company: Ascend

Contributor: Kimberly Aguilar

Company: Compass Charter Schools

Contributor: Dr. Eric Branda

Contributor title: Audiologist

Company: Signia

Contributor: Dr. Chad Brandt

Company: McLean OCD Institute/Houston

Contributor: Sarah Hurst

Contributor title: Primary School Teacher

Company: Early Years Education

Contributor: Jonathan Roberts

Company: Ancient Language Institute

Contributor: Lauren Schmitz

Contributor title: Blogger Mom

Company: The Simple Homeschooler

Contributor: Kathryn Starke

Contributor title: Author

Company: Creative Minds Publications

Contributor: Jeana Kinne

Company: JD Educational

Contributor: Kimberly Berens, Ph.D.

Company: Fit Learning

Contributor: Dr. Danny Brassell

Company: Danny Brassell

Contributor: Tara J. Tuck

Contributor title: Teacher

Company: The Joy of Language

Contributor: Janet LoSole

Contributor title:

Company: Homeschooling Suddenly / Adventure by Chicken Bus

Contributor: Bonnie Way

Company: The Koala Mom

Contributor: Jessica Mead

Contributor title: Founder and CEO

Company: Brandlync

Contributor: Katie Ziskind

Contributor title: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Company: Wisdom Within Counseling

Contributor: Karene A. Putney

Company: Etiquette Etiquette Business Consulting

Contributor: Ian Coburn

Company: Super Flaws

Contributor: Beth Berry

Contributor title:

Company: Revolution from Home

Contributor: Solomon Brenner

Company: Action Karate

Contributor: Tori Campbell

Contributor title: Broadcast Journalist

Company: KidNuz

Contributor: Amanda DoAmaral

Company: Fiveable

Contributor: Dr. Lea Lis

Contributor title: Psychiatrist

Company: Shameless Psychiatrist

Contributor: Kitty Felde

Contributor title:

Company: Book Club for Kids

Contributor: Janet Ruth Heller

Company: Janet Ruth Heller

Contributor: Ray Ronan

Company: Write A Book With Your Kids

Contributor: DeLise Bernard

Company: Surviving Homeschool