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Dr. Lea Lis
Shameless Psychiatrist
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Dr. Lea is the Shameless Psychiatrist

She is a board certified child and adolescent psychiatrist with years of experience treating families. 

She has a thriving clinical practice where she sees adults and children with all types of mental health issues in Southampton, New York. 

Dr. Lea's book is called "No Shame: Real Talk With Your Kids About Sex, Self-Confidence, and Healthy Relationships" helps people pass down intergenerational wisdom, instead of trauma, by using modern psychotherapy techniques which she perfected throughout her many years of experience. She is an expert in the field of psychology and hopes to change the way we speak about sex.  Pre-order your copy today and get access to exclusive parenting content and tips, including tools to explain the “what” and “how” of talking to your children about sex. You will also receive an opportunity to receive one question answered by Dr. Lea Lis AND attend an intimate Q&A session with Dr. Lea.

She has a well-received column on Psychology Today and Thrive Global, and has appeared as an expert on parenting in programming by ABC, CBS, and NBC. 

She has been featured in numerous media outlets such as The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and in niche publications like Good Housekeeping, Modern Beach Luxury, and Psychiatric News. She has been interviewed as an expert on multiple podcasts. 

You can follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Psychology Today.


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