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Michelle Noble, LMT, BF, CFMW
Licensed Massage Therapist
The Calmer Mom
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Michelle Noble, LMT, BF, CFMW: Michelle has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1997. In 2014, Michelle discovered the tools of Access Consciousness™ and expanded her work with clients to include energy therapy and life coaching.  The experience of becoming a mother of two giant beings in little bodies inspired her to create The Calmer Mom Project, in which she uses tools that actually work to help parents trade perfectionism and anxiety for joy and peace of mind.

Michelle also works with children of all ages to help them see their own strengths, trust themselves and let go of self-doubt. Through the tools she shares, Michelle has seen kids with social anxiety relax into friendships that work for them and those who have been disruptive in school become classroom leaders. With questions like, "What's right about you you're not getting?” Michelle is facilitating grown-ups and children alike to change problems into possibilities, and recognize the gift of who they are when they are themselves.

You can sign up for “The Calmer Mom Toolkit” at www.CalmerMom.Solutions or visit Michelle on Facebook 


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