No More Homework Battles - Brian Galvin

Brian Galvin
Chief Academic Officer
Varsity Tutors
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Brian Galvin is the Chief Academic Officer at Varsity Tutors. Brian has a Masters in Education from the University of Michigan and has experience developing and delivering online learning that is engaging and effective for all ages. Considered a leading expert in virtual homeschooling and standardized testing, Brian has helped thousands of students across the country to advance their education outside the classroom.

Varsity Tutors is a Live Learning Platform that seamlessly connects experts and learners in more than 2,500 subjects. Our mission as a company is simple - We Help People Learn. Since 2007, we've been investing in online learning technology, built new to the world capabilities, and assembled some of the most talented educators across the US to help deliver that mission for hundreds of thousands of students. Amidst school closures and the potential for a prolonged amount of time out of the classroom due to COVID-19, our mission has become more important than ever. As a company, we feel it is critical that these resources be readily and freely available at this time of great need.

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