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Children avoiding their homework are a major issue for parents like you and me. We see our kids not doing their homework on time.


A short-term formula, you beat, shout or force children, and they will do it. But by doing this, it can lead to a worse situation like mental disorder in children.

Let’s understand the root cause of my example. My wife is a home tutor and I am a Behavior Analyst. This has helped me observe children closely and understand why children do this?

What I observed is, when children don't understand a particular topic they develop resistance towards it.

For example, if he or she doesn't understand a mathematical operation. They start avoiding it.

Either they don't want to feel ashamed in front of you or might be fear of being scold for not understanding a small thing.

Now, here is something that you can do to overcome this.

 You need to explain the base of that particular topic to your child. Do this until it is completely clear even if it takes more of your time. Teach them to ask for help from their teachers.

Secondly, you need to understand the psychology of your child. In which tone he understands the most and what their best timings are.

 Some children understand in a hard tone and some in low. Some do good with appreciation and some with a challenge. So treat them in their way.

My 4-year-old girl gets tensed when shouted. You cannot make her do her homework forcefully. Hence, being polite with her makes her do everything nicely.

Small children are very moody. Soon after they return from school they don’t like doing homework.

 If your child is too sporty and is a play freak, then explain to them that the homework will take a small time and then they can play for the rest.


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