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Kelsey Komorowski
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Kelsey Komorowski has 16 years of experience as a private educator for families around the world and with elite tutoring firms. Kelsey specializes in helping families implement powerful, holistic strategies that drive academic achievement, personal well-being and a genuine love of learning.


Kelsey knows that every student can succeed in school, so long as they’re shown how. She has 16 years of experience working closely with students to develop the skills, mindsets, and attributes they need to thrive not just on the next test or essay, but in life. Prior to founding her educational consulting firm Komo Consulting, Kelsey earned her Master’s degree from the University of Toronto and kicked off her career with the Ministry of Education’s Student Achievement Division. Working closely with 72 school boards, Kelsey gained insight into the challenges and opportunities of our school system, which helped shape the unique design of her tutoring program. Kelsey sets aside a few hours each week to speak with parents who are ready to eliminate their kids’ struggles and stress with school. Book a (free) call here:

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