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Leanne Page
Parenting with ABA
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If you’d like to learn more about behavior analysis and Parenting with ABA, you can find Leanne at Her mission is to save all parents’ sanity by sharing the science of behavior. Learn how to use positive behavior strategies instead of resorting to punishment at home in the Turn it Positive Boot Camp or peruse any of the many free tips on the blog. You can also follow Parenting with ABA on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Rest easy knowing that you are using scientifically-backed principles and tools to help teach and connect with your child.


Leanne is a BCBA, author of the book Parenting with Science, and online course creator. She started in special education classrooms, has worked in clinical ABA settings, and now operates an online business called Parenting with ABA which offers training options for all parents to learn about behavior analysis to save their sanity. Leanne is a mom of two little girls and has found her passion in helping all parents to use positive behavior strategies in their homes.