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Dr. Ingrid Amorini-Klimek
Our Special Village
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Dr. Ingrid Amorini-Klimek is a lifelong advocate for children with special needs and special needs families. Dr. Klimek has extensive experience as a special education teacher and worked progressively in inclusive settings.  It was here that she fell in love with inclusive practices. For many years she worked as an administrator for a very large educational system but over time became disappointed in the bureaucracy that she observed.  This led to her own work helping and guiding parents at Our Special Village and her non-profit organization The Bocha Project whose mission is to promote inclusive practices around the world.

Dr. Klimek feels a special connection with special needs families because her youngest brother, Fernando, has special needs.  She grew up observing the challenges, difficulties, as well as the achievements of her brother and the struggles of her family and would like to use her life experience to guide other families in making informed choices for their children.  Dr. Klimek has a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and spends her days counseling families and providing early intervention therapy to young children.  She believes that empowering parents and informing them translates into better outcomes for students and families.

When she is not busy working, she likes to spend time with her family, including the four-legged members, her friends, reading good books, and walking around the neighborhood.