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Tara Emrick
Hip Me Project
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Tara Emrick grew up in Colorado with her two brothers. She met her husband at Occidental College where she was a Women’s Studies major. She received her Master’s in Social Work at SJSU after working in several non-profits supporting youth. Tara began teaching yoga for grief after losing her younger brother in 2006. She is currently working to address the impact of trauma and grief on middle and high school students by implementing healing somatic practices. This new venture is called The HIP ME Project. Tara lives with her husband and three children in Denver.

Tara is the author of Thirteen Reasons Why You Belong: An Honoring of Adolescence, available for purchase on Amazon. She speaks to young people, parents, and educators about empowering our teens to embody themselves. If you would like Tara to speak to your group please contact her at [email protected]