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Monica Mandell, LMSW
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Monica Mandell, LMSW is a bilingual (Spanish) social worker who has been working as an advocate for children for more than 20 years. Ms. Mandell is licensed to practice social work in New York State. Ms. Mandell graduated from New York University School of Social Work in 1996 and is currently seeking a Ph.D. in social work from Yeshiva University. Ms. Mandell is also certified as an educational advocate via COPAA (Council on Parents, Advocates, and Attorneys) as well as having a certification in DASA (anti-bullying) and school violence. Ms. Mandell has also worked with families seeking special education services within Early Intervention, Committee on Preschool and the Committee on Special Education. As an educational advocate, Ms. Mandell believes that a student does not act alone and requires assistance from a variety of different sources. She helps families understand the totality of the student and helps them to access other systems that can provide assistance for the student and family. Ms. Mandell has also worked as a school social worker, enabling her families to have a unique perspective on how school districts provide special education services. Ms. Mandell bases her practice and philosophy in the belief that education is not only a legal right but also a human right.