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Nashima Harvey, Ed.M
THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC
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Nashima Harvey, Ed.M is a life-long educator, parent, author, and entrepreneur who supports youth empowerment and academic services for all people in need. Nashima is the Executive Director and Founder of both THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC. After graduating from Rutgers, Nashima began her career in Northern New Jersey, where she specialized in special education. That eventually led to over 10 years of experience as a special education teacher for at-risk students and as special education supervisor for general education teachers. In 2010, Nashima decided to attend Montclair State in order to achieve her Master's Degree and certification for School Supervisor and Principal Certification. After graduating, Nashima wrote and published the first book, The ABC’s to Finding your Zen in an Urban Classroom. This experience allowed for many positive academic partnerships. After many years of supporting various schools in an special education capacity, Nashima decided it was time for her to create a special unique space where many schools, parents, and students from all over New Jersey and neighboring states could experience the positive supports that Nashima had to offer. In 2013, THE LITTLE GREEN HOUSE Educational Services, LLC opened its doors and was available to create positive support systems for students, parents, and schools. Girls of Decision is Ms.Harvey’s newest venture, opening in 2019, allowing her to take her experience as an educator and parent and use it to support young girls in their quest for making positive decisions and knocking the myth that girls are unable to follow through on making strong impactful decisions. Currently when Nashima is not working as an entrepreneur, she balances her time as a dedicated mom to three children ages 25, 23, and 7 as well as being the Program Coordinator for Pre-College Services for the Newark Public Library and the Newark City Learning Collaborative initiative to support Newarks need to increase the college enrollment within the city of Newark. In addition to being the coordinator, Nashima also established the first High School Equivalency program within the Newark Main library in 30 years.