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MartinJon Garcia, host of the Recover Yourself podcast and Author of the upcoming book Recover Yourself: Refocus Your Life Now That You’re Sober, is an artist and former addict. His addictions started with drugs and alcohol, but while searching for sobriety, no surprise, he attached himself to a myriad of other vices.

In the years since MartinJon has utilized his creativity to help exorcise his need for external vices. Through his artwork, he now is helping others Recover Themselves completely whether they have a history of addiction or not. He believes that recovery is about regaining all the things we have inadvertently given up for others while owning and being unshakable, within our lives completely. Facing fears and utilizing our triggers is at the core of all his Recover Yourself work. 

Today with almost 19 years of sobriety he’s adding the conversation of “What is it we are recovering to?” His approach, talking about pacifiers and triggers can appeal to so many more than just those coming out of addiction. 

Having recovered from so many vices, and then a more recent diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, MartinJon is committed to empowering individuals to take the reins of their lives and enjoy the ride. 

Recover Yourself Podcast can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts.

You can visit his social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube as well as his blog.