Children and Eletronics - Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown
Digital Mom Talk
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Kids and Electronics is a delicate balance for parents. Instead of being focused on whether or not our children are being addicted to technology, I find parents have better results when they focus on creating healthy habits with technology through boundaries and teaching. Using the tips in this video empowers parents to be in control of what they are doing. Download your Free Create A Safe Virtual Playground outline and learn other valuable tools at



Chelsea was a Freshman in High School when her parents asked for her advice about what is now called sexting, cyberbullying, and the dangers of cyberspace. As a result of this and other painful experiences, she pursued an education in computer and internet security which developed into a career in Cyber Security Consulting. Chelsea has dedicated her life to learning everything about creating a safe virtual place for family businesses to safely use technology. Chelsea founded Digital Mom Talk to help business owners and parents bridge the gap between the information online and practical steps to protect their interests at work and at home. Her goal is to help business owners and parents have the practical knowledge and actionable tech tools they need to raise kids and grow a thriving business safely in a digital world.