Meltdowns During Lockdown - Dr. Lynda Ulrich and Dr. Liesl Ulrich

Dr. Lynda Ulrich and Dr. Liesl Ulrich
Ever Widening Circles
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Dr. Lynda Bio: After curating the web for almost a decade, Dr. Lynda has discovered some key points to building better lives for ourselves, online and off! After a life-changing incident, Dr. Lynda decided she wouldn’t take anything or moment for granted  and would dedicate her time to understanding and finding the good in the world.

Liesl Ulrich: After graduating from Harvard University with a degree in architectural design and economics, I started working with Ever Widening Circles as our COO and took up our mission to expand into education with EWCed in 2018, and explore how we could bring positive media to healthcare in 2019 with Amazing World Media.

Most of my undergraduate design training at Harvard University was through the Harvard Graduate School of Design. There, I honed my design skills and representation techniques, always with a flair for design that filled the mantra “Is it novel? Is it useful?”

I’d like to think that I have taken a bit of that mindset with me here at EWC, EWCed, and Amazing World Media.

As a professional photographer since the age of 14 and have had a lifelong passion for finding beauty in the world. Now, I use those same instincts as a writer and curator for Ever Widening Circles.