How Parents Emotions Affect Their Children and What to Do About It - Sheila Sims

Sheila Sims
Certified Teacher
All of Me Counts
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Sheila Sims has been a Public-School Teacher for 19 years and is the founder of All of Me Counts. Her mission is to shift the paradigm for raising and educating kids from an outside-in, to an inside-out approach.

This unique inside-out approach focuses on creating the internal conditions for a child's best to be inspired from within to promote long-term well-being and success. By uncovering and addressing the subconscious beliefs, perceptions and emotions that drive behavior below the surface we can resolve, rather than just manage, behavioral, social, emotional and learning challenges.

All of Me Counts provides education, resources, and support for families and organizations including individualized plans for kids, parent and educator coaching and consultations, workshops and online courses and support through an online community.

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