How Parents Emotions Affect Their Children and What to Do About It - Kim Muench

Kim Muench
Jai Institute for Parenting Certified Parent Coach
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Kim Muench (pronounced minch, like pinch with an “m”) is a Jai Institute for Parenting Certified Parent Coach who specializes in working with individuals raising adolescents (between 10-25 years of age).  Passionate about educating, supporting and encouraging moms and dads to parent with intention and guidance rather than fear and control, Kim leads with compassion and without judgment through her one-on-one coaching, small group weekly sessions, and workshops on topics such as Values & Boundaries, Open Communication, and Self-Care in Parenting.  Kim helps parents all over the world reconnect with their own inner wisdom and become the parent their unique child needs to reach their fullest potential.  Kim’s coaching is available globally via Zoom.

In addition, Kim works with parents at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas as the Parents as Partners Program Coordinator, she organizes and facilitates a Meetup in her community called Moms Empowering Moms - DFW and she is a published author who began by writing about her own parenting journey in 2011 with a memoir entitled My Mothers Footprints: A Story of Faith, Calm, Courage, Patience and Grace. Kim is currently working on a second book called Becoming Me While Raising You: A Mother’s Journey to Self Through Parenting.  You can find out more about Kim’s services as well as read her blog at She can also be found on Facebook under Real Life Parent Guide and on LinkedIn.


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