What our customers say about us

Arlene Zimmerman
East Earl Pennsylvania,
He is doing grade level work now. I am very happy. The teacher says he is doing great! He was having problems with his reading but he is doing very good now. I thought it really helped him. The tutor said she can't see dyslexia traits anymore. He's reading and he is geting what he is reading. I'm so happy I found this program
Kim Scott
Te Awamutu New Zealand,
It was so good to finally find the core problems!
Jennifer Young
Gig Harbor Wa,
My daughter has responded very well to the activities. She's improving and we're so excited. I am so thankful that we found this program! We will make sure to refer other parents who might benefit.
Lynn Winkler
Hazen, North Dakota,
I GREATLY appreciate the program!!! We have tried other things, but none gave us the immediate success that your program has! One child says they NEED to start their home school day with the exercises, since it makes her other work easier.
Diane Kasterko
Reno, Nevada,
My son did the VERY expensive Scientific Learning Brain Pro program. He HATED it. The only thing that kept him doing the exercises was that he was earning his new XBOX one. And even then he complained and tried to avoid it. I was constantly trying to avoid the power struggle. I have NONE of that with your program. He seems to be improving on his ability to hold patterns in his mind and reproduce them. He is silent reading much more in the last 2 weeks. He commented that he is "reading in his mind really fast right now." He works much more independently. He is starting activities on his own and then asking for help only when he needs it. Where as in the past, I would read all instruction and go over each assignment or activity before he began. He does seem to be processing instructions better.
Julie Callison
Monticello, Arkansas,
My daughter has never completed her homework without me telling (begging, pleading, etc.) her to. Yesterday, she was doing her homework, without me even asking. She said, "I finished my homework. You can check it when we get home." I was shocked and thrilled, especially when I checked it and saw it was all done correctly! Progress...YES! School work - Yes. Her school work has been better overall. We still are still struggling with spelling and handwriting but even that seems to be improving. :)
Di Parker
Sydney, Australia,
Amy's concentration has improved a lot in class. She isn't as easily distracted and can work on tasks for longer periods of time. Her handwriting is also smaller and neater. Her mathematics ability still has a long way to go and her spelling is still a problem but it too has improved. There was a marked improvement in her ability to do the Learning Success tasks and she could see the improvement which was fantastic. We especially like the Geo shapes and memory dot ones. Amy became very good at those and was always very good at the circling shapes ones where you don't take your pen off the paper (I am hopeless at those!). The program was very easy to implement and I told a number of friends about it who are also experiencing learning difficulties with their children. For one term last year I organised with Amy's teacher that Learning Success was her only homework. Amy always enjoyed doing it. If homework is too much for her this year I will be speaking to Amy's teacher to make it her only homework again.
Dr. Vivienne DeOkoro
Kingston, Jamaica
As a gifted educator (K-12) and beyond, who has been using your programme with my students for months now; I find it helpful, well thought through and find it is logical, pedagogically sound; and can also see that clearly it is largely research-based; founded on the principles of cutting edge neuroscience/plasticity; incorporating the use of brain-body kinesthetic applications, stress management techniques and building of the fundamental micro-skills for learning. My gifted students, as you can well imagine, are pretty divergent and complex in their individual needs. This is a system that offers quite a variety, and addresses many of the various fundamental weaknesses and innuendos associated with the asynchronous development of my very divergent students; some with multiple exceptionalities. I love the non-threatening 'fun' factor of many of the exercises, while correcting/building sound prerequisite learning skills in place. ~Dr Vivienne DeOkoro - founder of the Deokoro Magnet Group of schools for gifted and talented children
Rabiya Jamal
lahore, Pakistan
I am really happy to share with all about the ease of my life being a homeschooling mom of 4 kids. After using this program the results are amazingly positive. Especially my elder son who has a photographic memory and is highly intelligent but has problems in auditory discrimination, directionality, and emotional control, which was a great hindrance for learning. The major change in himself is he has started finding solutions to his problems on his own. It is really an amazing program. I am really grateful for the Learning Success System.
Marcus Marwaha
NORTHAMPTON, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
A lot of what Liz says in her initial video cant really be understood until you get the kids to do these simple exercises. To me they strengthen the muscles or what ever it is between the brain and a child's weakness. My children, 7 and 9 love doing the memory, tracing and bling games.
Leigh Spector
Colorado Springs, CO, United States
My husband and I came across The Learning Success System while looking for something we could do to aide our daughter. She was diagnosed with Dyslexia and we needed something that we could do with her that summer. As soon as we started with Liz's program, our daughter had better focus in less than three days. In a bit over two weeks, she would ask for the exercises before she had to read or wanted to write. Eye Saccades is her favorite! I completely recommend this learning system for any child, and the sooner/younger the better.
Diana Auton
This is a really great program and I like that it is delivered via email with very easy to follow instructions. I no longer need to use the program with my daughter as her reading has greatly improved and she is almost up to grade level.
Shandi Dews
Texas, United States
I can honestly say that I have already started to see a change in my son…not so much with his ability to learn (that can take at least 3 months), but more so in his attitude about learning. He is excited to do the program, and I will admit, that the lessons are fun!
Bernadette Drew
Bel Air, Maryland, United States
Three nights ago my daughter read her first book from start to finish! It is amazing to see this progress in her as we haven't seen it thus far. She still struggles to sound out words but something is clicking and she is able to spend more time and actually asking to read at night! We have only been doing Learning Success for about a month. My daughter is in 2nd grade and at a Kindergarten reading level. She struggles with orthographic processing. I'm thankful we started this program and will continue with it! I finally feel hopeful and excited for her instead of frustrated and scared. Thank you Learning Success!