The Unexpected Benefits of Educating At Home

Adjusting to Educating at Home Has been tough. But there have been some silver linings. Let's make sure we notice them so we can make them even better.

Have you seen any unexpected benefits or positive results from educating your child at home? What's going right? Is your child doing better? Why? No bullying? No overcrowded classrooms? Better relationships? Ability to teach skills that are not normally taught? What do you think is good about this?

We've gathered this roundup of experts to talk about the unexpected benefits that have come of this impromptu educating at home from Covid-19. We hope it help you see more of the good things too.

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Contributor: Seema Thomas

Contributor title: Adjunct Professor

Company: University of the District of Columbia

Contributor: Dr. Tina Marshall-Bradley

Company: Walden University

Contributor: Victoria Duerstock

Company: Victoria Duerstock

Contributor: Imani Francies

Company: CarInsurance Companies

Contributor: Dr. Michael J. Provitera

Company: Motivational Leadership Training

Contributor: Caitlyn Scaggs

Company: Caitlyn Scaggs

Contributor: Mikaela Walker

Contributor title: Managing Editor

Company: Orlando Parents Family Fun Magazine

Contributor: Paul Miller

Company: Lokus Nutrition

Contributor: Chinonyelum Udoye

Company: MTM

Contributor: Jennifer Weedon Palazzo

Company: MomCave TV, Jennifer Weedon

Contributor: Dr. Christine Traxler

Contributor title: Family Practice Doctor and Author

Company: Invigor Medical