Tips for Overcoming Homework Resistance

Zoie Hoffman
Zoie Hoffman Tutoring
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When a child or adult has homework resistance I would suggest the following things:


1. Avoiding homework can be a sign that there is a bigger issue. If you see your child struggling and/or avoiding homework you may want to consider getting them tested for a learning disability.


2. Break the homework up into manageable chunks. Make the chunks into a list so that your child can cross each item off as they finish it.


3. Use "brain breaks" to break up homework time. Taking 5-minute breaks to do something physical such as dancing, jumping or stretching can help your child re-focus. You can search for creative brain breaks online.


4. Praise efforts instead of grades. If you see your child working hard on their homework, make sure to praise them for it. If your child feels like their effort is valued more than a grade they may be less afraid of getting the wrong answer and more likely to learn through their homework.