Smarter This Summer - Wendy Lattimore of Sunny the Mail Snail

Wendy Lattimore
Snail Mail for Kids
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Wendy Lattimore came up with an innovative solution years ago to help her son, a struggling reader. The solution was Sunny the Mail Snail, a hard-working, silly, adventurous “mail snail” who wrote to her son weekly letters about his adventures delivering mail to animals and creatures around the globe. Now, this award-winning business has a mission to develop reading skills, promote learning, laughter, travel, and imagination through snail mail letters. It’s working and kids are running to the mailbox to hear about Sunny’s next adventure. Best New Product Finalist at the 2019 National Stationary Show and Cratejoy’s Editor Pick for 2019 Best New Boxes, Wendy now has plans to get Sunny on retail shelves nationwide. She lives in Virginia with her husband, two boys, three dogs, ring-necked dove, and a snail (Sunny, of course).

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