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Andrew Bliss
The Adventurous Mailbox
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About Andrew
Andrew Bliss is the founder of The Adventurous Mailbox, which aims to inspire kids to embrace the world and the people in it. Originally from Cincinnati, OH, he has lived abroad for over 15 years, teaching at universities and writing along the way. He was inspired to launch his business after writing an adventure book for his niece and nephew based on an adventure he had in Thailand. In this video, he discusses the importance of teaching kids about world cultures, and he offers a bunch of interesting ways to bring the world into your home this summer. The impact of doing so can be profound and last a lifetime.

About The Adventurous Mailbox
The Adventurous Mailbox offers exciting educational packages that use adventure books as a base to introduce kids to world cultures, computer coding, and traditional academic subjects. Kids also receive a lifetime membership to a totally top-secret and kids-only online community. There, they will be able to keep exploring the world as part of an international team of young world explorers. More, parents will have access to the Teacher's Lounge, which houses 100s of engaging and classroom-tested lessons based on the adventure books. The innovative lessons cover reading comprehension, writing, critical thinking, country-specific concepts, and heaps more.

Give kids an adventure that may just last a lifetime!


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