The Overly Emotional Child - Sharron Frederick, LCSW

Sharron Frederick, LCSW
Clarity Health Solutions
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Sharron Frederick, LCSW joined Clarity Health Solutions in Jupiter, Fla. as a seasoned psychotherapist in April 2020. She works with teenagers and adults through the use of several integrated approaches including CBT, DBT, and other modalities to empower clients to overcome their mental health struggles. She previously treated children, teens, adults, seniors, and families in individual and group therapy sessions at various community centers, hospitals, and geriatric and hospice facilities throughout South Florida. Her solution-focused approach helps clients work through anxiety, stress, mood disorders, trauma, depression, low self-esteem, intimacy and trust issues, communication, anger, bereavement, crises, medical diagnoses, and more. Frederick is also trained as a professional life coach, helping people be leaders in their own lives and setting and accomplishing goals. She earned a Bachelor's and Master of Social Work degree with a certificate in geriatrics and aging from Florida Atlantic University. Here are Clarity Health Solutions social media accounts FacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.