The Overly Emotional Child - Javier Orti

Javier Orti
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Javier is a Life Coach specialized in working with children and parents. He is also a dad to two girls (13 and 15 years old). Javier works with children from 5 years to 18 years old in one to one and also supports parents. In fact, Javier believes that his work is divided into equal parts in supporting the child as supporting the parent. The more the parents understand what’s happening and learn new strategies, the better chances for the child. Javier believes every child has all the resources they need to lead a happy life. He sees his job as helping them connect with those resources and use them more frequently. On the way, they’ll also find beliefs that don't work so well ( I am not popular enough, I am not smart, I cannot do this), so we change them or let them go. Through playing and fun, young people are able to find their resources, goals, and strategies to succeed.

In his practice, Javier works with what he describes as his ABC

A: Anxieties. From night fears to scare of the dark to exam worries or social shyness.

B: Behaviour. In school or at home children display disruptive behavior. The children feel guilty and bad about that, and they need to learn how to deal with their emotions.

C: Confidence. Being realistic, this is the root cause of most issues. When children re-connect without confidence, realize that they have it, and can use it in all areas of their life, they suddenly go from strength to strength.

An important part of his work is also with D: Dreams. Understanding what we really want to achieve, what our dreams and motivations are. This is especially important in secondary school. Pressure builds up and there is a lot of confusion about the future. What is that I really want to do with my life? By connecting with the strengths and dreams they create their own motivation to achieve.