The Overly Emotional Child - Dr. Claire Thomas Duckwitz

Dr. Claire Thomas Duckwitz
Psychologist and School Psychologist
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Dr. Claire Thomas-Duckwitz is licensed as both a psychologist and a school psychologist in Colorado. She specializes in working with kids and adults with neurodevelopmental disabilities including autism, learning disabilities, sensory issues, or ADHD. In addition to providing therapy and evaluations for individuals, she also provides training and consultation for parents and organizations in order to maximize the developmental potential of this population. She also works part-time in a local school district and is an adjunct faculty member of The University of Northern Colorado.

Dr. Thomas-Duckwitz is co-host of A Little Cerebral, a podcast about approaches to working with children who are neurotypical, not neurotypical, and everything in between.  Through A Little Cerebral, Dr. Thomas-Duckwitz and her cohost address current topics in the world of disabilities, special needs, emotional dysregulation, and developmental delays in an approachable, jargon-free manner.

She can be reached at [email protected] or through her website.

You can also listen to A Little Cerebral on all major podcast networks.