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Caitlyn Scaggs
Caitlyn Scaggs
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Caitlyn Scaggs is an accomplished entrepreneur, marketing professional, and dynamic communicator.  In her current role, she serves as Associate Vice President and spokesperson for Radford University, a mid-sized public institution located in Southwest Virginia. Caitlyn is also an active and engaged board member for New Hope Girls, a non-profit organization based in the Dominican Republic that rescues young girls from dark circumstances and provides them with hope, healing, and identity restoration. 
From early career beginnings as a police officer, her journey includes founding her own marketing agency which was later strategically acquired. Caitlyn’s breadth of rich and meaningful experiences -from law enforcement to delivering a TEDx talk, to traveling to the Dominican Republic for non-profit marketing support -have helped shape her into the successful and courageous business leader she is today. As a person full of plot twists, she is characterized by her honesty, transparency, and authenticity. 

Caitlyn balances her lively career with a deep commitment to family, a love for running, and copious amounts of coffee. Her active lifestyle blog provides weekly insight and encouragement, drawing from her varied experience and commitment to joy. Known for being passionate and compelling as a writer and speaker, she is on a mission to positively impact others by encouraging the pursuit of whole-hearted and vibrant living. 

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