Meltdowns During Lockdown - Jackie Insinger

Jackie Insinger
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Mom of two energetic boys (and wife of a very energetic husband), Jackie Insinger is a Motivation and Communication Expert and a nationally acclaimed Family Dynamics Coach. Jackie’s life’s work is dedicated to teaching people how to honor each other’s differences and leverage each other’s strengths to connect in more meaningful and effective ways. With a Psychology degree from Duke University and a Masters from Harvard, Jackie has built an incredibly successful family consulting business that has positively changed thousands of lives around the globe.  

Backed by neuroscience and developed in collaboration with Jackie, Goodtimer's patented approach uses the principles of positive parenting to help kids follow family rules and practice patterns of good behavior. Goodtimer is an interactive and engaging companion, with lights, sounds, and a token incentive system that helps kids make the connection between their choices and positive outcomes. This makes Goodtimer a highly effective way to reinforce positive behavior and help children form good habits that last.