The Overly Emotional Child

How to help an overly emotional child? What can parents do when their child seems to be overly emotional. What tactics, mindsets, and expectations should a parent have?

This roundup of experts is loaded with information to help you help an emotional child

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Contributor: Javier Orti

Company: HelpingKids Ltd

Contributor: Dr. Markesha Miller

Company: Dr. Markesha Miller

Contributor: Dr. Kailyn Bobb, PsyD

Company: Clarity Clinic

Contributor: Clarissa Harwell

Contributor title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Company: Clarissa Harwell

Contributor: Erica Tatum-Sheade, LMSW

Contributor title: Licensed Psychotherapist

Company: Integrated Mental Health Associates

Contributor: Kira Hayes

Contributor title: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Company: Affirming Pathways Psychotherapy, LLC

Contributor: Tara Kfoury, PhD

Company: R.I.V.E.R. Educational Consulting

Contributor: Sharron Frederick, LCSW

Company: Clarity Health Solutions

Contributor: Rachel Wagner

Company: Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health’s Center for Resilient Children (DCRC)

Contributor: Damon Dietz

Contributor title: Writer, Parenting coach, Filmmaker, and Professional Speaker

Company: Damon Dietz

Contributor: Meagan Turner

Contributor: Imani Francies

Company: US Insurance Agents

Contributor: Tiffany Eiben

Company: My Glow Essentials

Contributor: Heather Meehan

Company: Heart Water

Contributor: Nancy B. Irwin, PsyD, C.Ht.

Contributor title: Clinical Psychologist

Company: Dr. Nancy Irwin

Contributor: Erica Wiles

Company: ExpertInsurance Reviews

Contributor: Emily Stone

Contributor title: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Company: Mightier

Contributor: Dr. Claire Thomas Duckwitz

Contributor title: Psychologist and School Psychologist

Company: Navigating Solutions

Contributor: Andrés Restrepo

Company: Vibras Meditation

Contributor: Dr. Albert Lee

Company: Home Living Lab

Contributor: Caitlyn Scaggs

Company: Caitlyn Scaggs

Contributor: Balint Horvath, PhD

Company: Projectfather

Contributor: Karen Gross

Company: Karen Gross Education

Contributor: Dr. Tracey Evans

Company: Fitness Savvy