Working Memory

Working Memory – The ability to use your memory to store information and use it at the same time, information comes is processed and stored at the same time. It allows skills such as planning ahead, solving problems and paying attention.


Working memory is often used as a measure of intelligence.


Working memory is often thought of as a unique type of memory in itself. However, theories suggest, and studies show, it is actually made up of the combination of auditory memory, visual memory, and kinesthetic memory. Working memory is a product of our executive function quickly switching between these three types of memory to form working memory.


Each of the three types of memory has attributes which are complimentary. For example, auditory memory is linear while visual memory is non-linear.  This makes the combination very powerful for carrying out tasks. The auditory memory is used for sequencing while the visual memory is used for remembering all the finer details of the task.


Our minds are very complex and have the ability to use these three forms of memory in various combinations. If a child is struggling academically, has difficulty carrying out instructions, has difficulty with paying attention, then strengthening each of these types of memory with the Learning Success System will get them on track to easier learning and great grades.





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