Types of Specific Learning Disorders

Many schools have chosen to use the term "Specific Learning Disorder". The reason for this choice has to do with confusion over funding to support dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, or any other specific learning difficulties. Some teachers talk about being forbidden from using the term. Instead, opting for specific learning disability. This has been so common that the U.S. Department of Education recently came out with a statement saying it's okay to use the word. 


This sort of slow-moving confused bureaucracy is the reason why most kids today are still not able to get the help they need. Semantics and bureaucracy stand in the way of actually getting children with a specific learning difficulty the help they need. And that is the reason for the Learning Success System.


In addition to the buraucracy, there is a great deal of argument among experts about what these terms mean. If you've done any level of research around the subject you'll find that definitions vary, and surprisingly, people get quite heated over this.


While bureaucrats fight over names and what to fund and experts fight over definitions smart parents can ignore all of this and move forward with a solution. That is why we designed the Learning Success System. To give smart solution oriented parents (and smart solution oriented teachers) access to the tools they need to help their children (and students).


Unravelling the Terms


For the sake of being solution oriented and simple, we use these definitions


Specific Learning Disability = A general term for when a smart kid struggles in a specific academic area


Dyslexia = When a smart kid struggles with reading


Dyscalculia = When a smart kid Struggles with math


Dysgraphia = When a smart kid struggles with writing


These definitions point to the fact that the issue is not intelligence. The issue is some other blockage that is preventing learning in that specific area. Our aim is to help you help your child (or student) remove that learning block. That's what the Learning Success System is all about.


Learn more about each specific learning disorder below